Alex Skolnick Signature AS Preceptor

Perhaps best known as the guitarist for the multi-platinum band Testament, Alex Skolnick is a stylistically versatile player, performing in a variety of other projects including his jazz trio, The Alex Skolnick Trio, and a forthcoming world music project, Planetary Coalition. The new Budda AS Preceptor™ suits his demanding tonal requirements.

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The all-tube Budda Bully guitar amplifier head is a spare-no-expense high gain juggernaut that is at home in any guitar rig. The amp features 3 channels; clean, rhythm and lead, all with independent 3 band EQ, reverb control, effects loops with send and return levels, plus separate resonance and presence controls. Channel 2's effects loop also features a switch that makes the effects loop global, for incredible versatility in effects routing. The amp also features a patent pending feature called PowerPan, where the user can pan between solid state and tube rectifiers and anywhere in between! PowerPan makes the different tonal options almost limitless. There's even a 2nd rectifier tube to stand as a spare in case of a tube failure.

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Mark Nason®

Luxury Earned

The Budda® MN-100™ is the convergence of the modern precision of Budda amplifiers and the old-world artistry of Mark Nason® Italian leathers. For those who crave both tone and luxury, the MN-100 is simply the best guitar amplifier money can buy.

This multi-faceted, innovative amplifier found its aesthetic equal in the custom Italian leathers, signature dragon embellishments and metalwork of footwear designer Mark Nason®. No stranger to the rock & roll lifestyle, Mark Nason's signature couture creations translate easily from Sunset Boulevard to center stage on the Budda MN-100™ and MN-412™.

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Baby Budda

Budda Amplification® was born on the premise that 18 watts could change the world. That legacy has grown into a full line of hand-made boutique guitar amplifiers, enclosures and effects, but we haven't forgotten our roots. The newest addition to the family, the Baby Budda™, encapsulates more than a decade and a half of Budda tone in a dynamic amplifier with an incredibly straightforward format.

The lunchbox-style Baby Budda amplifier head squeezes a wealth of tones between its intuitive Bass, Treble and Volume controls and Normal and Hi Gain inputs. With the Baby Budda, fewer controls means more control at your fingertips: the lively interplay between a guitar's output, pickups and volume control and the amplifier's two inputs gives players a wide tapestry of gain and tone to keep the inspiration rolling.

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