Twinmaster Item #: BRS-18100-120V
$1799.99 USD $1499.99 USD

Budda started a revolution in the amplifier world with their low wattage Twinmaster in 1995. 16 years later, the Twinmaster returns!

2 inputs, normal and hi gain offer a multitude of gain characteristics covering the gamut of tone from super clean rhythm chords to modern power crunch. The electronics are hand wired with high-grade audio components. The solid pine finger jointed cabinet is finished in beautiful black Budda covering.

This special amplifier includes an EL84 power section with 5U4 rectifier tube for the classic Budda tone.

The controls are simple and classic with nothing to get in the way of the pure tube tone of the Budda

Twinmaster. The slave out and effects loop are great modern features, offsetting the classic vibe and feature

set of the Budda Twinmaster HW.

Normal & High gain inputs
Class AB Power Section
Treble, Bass, and Volume controls
Custom wound transformer
2 High grade 12AX7 Preamp tubes
2 High grade EL84 Power tubes
1 5U4 Rectifier tube
Effects loop
Slave output
Custom designed Budda Phat 12 speaker
Heavy-duty speaker cable
Hand wired, turret board style preamp
Point-to-Point hand wired power amp section
Finger-jointed solid pine cabinet
Impedance switch for using external speaker cabinet
Weight Unpacked: 42.33 lb(19.2 kg)
Weight Packed: 46.74 lb(21.2 kg)
Width Packed: 22"(55.88 cm)
Height Packed: 24.75"(62.865 cm)
Depth Packed: 13.25"(33.655 cm)