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The Budda® MN-100™ is the convergence of the modern precision of Budda amplifiers and the old-world artistry of Mark Nason® Italian leathers. For those who crave both tone and luxury, the MN-100 is simply the best guitar amplifier money can buy.

This multi-faceted, innovative amplifier found its aesthetic equal in the custom Italian leathers, signature dragon embellishments and metalwork of footwear designer Mark Nason�. No stranger to the rock & roll lifestyle, Mark Nason's signature couture creations translate easily from Sunset Boulevard to center stage on the Budda MN-100� and MN-412�.

After initially creating a reputation for producing boutique tone machines, Budda Amplification has now raised the bar for modern multi-channel tube guitar amplifiers by producing possibly the most sophisticated tube guitar amp available. By not compromising on the construction or quality of any parts, we can also ensure that for all its features, the most important thing, tone, is not compromised. And what an array of different tones there are! With three completely independent channels, a tubedriven preamp boost, real spring reverb as well as the patent pending 'PowerPan' tube to solid state rectification control, this amp is a tone chaser's dream. Not only that, but with the flexibility of the 3 effects loops as well as footswitch and MIDI control, this amp will also prove itself to be up to the tasks of modern guitarists who need their amp head to be the center piece of a larger system. Whichever your requirements; authentic tone or modern flexibility; this amp will deliver.

To learn more about the Budda Mark Nason MN Series, click here to view full product details.

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