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My first experience with Budda amps was with The Exies last year...I was blown away!!!!! I couldn't believe that tone came from an amp built in the last 5 years!!!
-Nick Raskulinecz, Producer - Foo Fighters, Rush, Jack Black

The amp sounds amazing, but you knew that... I'm using it with a Diezel 4 x 12 cab and a Marshall slant 4 x 12.
-Ben Grosse, Producer - Marilyn Manson, Sevendust, Disturbed, Filter, Fuel, 30 Seconds to Mars

Budda amps have an amazing thick tone from the second you pug in. Two channels, 6 knobs, great sound. How can you go wrong?
-Mike Woods, Damone

45 rocks...incredible amp all teeth!
-Brett Petrusek, Premier Guitar - Fifty Seven Stitch

Hello people at Budda. I would just like to thank you guys for making such an F'n sick sounding amp.

I just recently purchased a used Budda SD 30 Head and 1210 Cabinet from a retailer in Wisconsin. I must say that this is the best sounding amplifier I have ever played. I have owned Bogner, Mesa, Marshall, Orange, Blues Pearl, Soldano, Bad Cat, Vox, and this is simply better for my tastes than these other amps.
-Stan Sangar

The guitar tone on the new release is to die for ....even the engineer was blown away, the Budda kicked some serious ass.
-Paul Famula

It's only been a couple days so I'm still learning it, but last night I got the opportunity to crank it's volume to around 3 o'clock with the humbuckers in my guitar fully open, all I can say is Damn!!!!! I've never had an amp that would go from sweet cleans to such mind bending overdrive, simply wonderful.
-Bob B.

We put in new tubes and a fuse; we lit it up and were back to experiencing tone that mere mortals can only fantasize about. Thanks for the help.
-Mickey Ames, Audio-Video Design & Sales

I have been playing a Superdrive 30 head for over a year and I have to say that it is the best straight up amp I have heard. I get compliments on my tone almost every night.
-Matt Arana, Mesh

It's taken my playing and the sound of my band to new heights, and it sure gets a lot of attention from other guitarists. I've finally found my 'amp for life'.
-Michael Reed, Copperpot

I'm a producer from NJ who recently had the pleasure of recording an album with one of your amps. WOW! You guys (and gals?) sure made my job easy.
-Randy Staley, Producer, Copperpot

I come in contact with hundreds of people every year who ask me about amps and I say yeah you can buy this and that to collect and then I tell ALL of them to buy a Budda if they want to be in guitar heaven.
-Mark Wayne Pollard
My Superdrive 80 is excellent...just ask my guitarist, Rob, owner of a Mesa Triple Rectifier. He feels I'm kinda loud sometimes.

I recently played one of your Superdrive 30's...I f$%#ing loved it. I'm looking for a new sound and I think I found it in your amp.

It's awesome, in the true sense of the word. A fan.
-Arun Ravendhran

I am in CT, and just received a brand new Superdrive II 80 watt head from Fat Sounds ... great stuff, man ... tone to the bone!
-Brian Howard

Hey just a quick email to say that Thirst have just started using Budda equipment and we find it amazing, the wahs especially kick ass!
-Tim Stephens

I'm still swingin' hard with my Dual stage 30 head, I've been trying to find another one but I can't get anyone to part with one. A few session notes that might be of interest, I'm on the latest Grammy winning CD from India Ire with the DS30, also Destiny's Child, Celo, Ananda Project, Ptaah, and Gaelle Addisson.
-Ede Wright

I just used the pedal on a Santana session yesterday and the tone killed. I basically use the Phatbass on everything. I appreciate your support!! I've used the pedal on every record this past year. The Phatbass gives you the extra confidence to get the gig and helps with creativity.
-Chris Chaney, Janes Addiction, Panic Channel, Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders

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